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Dwayne Celestine is currently an Information Technology trainer under the National Training Agency where he tutors at Grey’s Training & Certification Center in the area of Data Operation and also at other training centers for the past two years. Dwayne currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology attained from St. Georges University.
Dwayne believes in taking risks and acting upon goals and dreams. It’s better to try and fail than failing to try.  Dwayne has a keen interest in music whether it is the technical, theoretical he loves all aspects of the field.  He also believes Information technology plays a very important role in music now and in the future. 

GREY'S TRAINING & CERTIFICATION CENTER formerly known as GREY’S TYPING & COMPUTER SERVICES formerly known as GREY’S TYPING SCHOOL commenced its operation on 1st July, 1987 at Richmond Hill in the parish of St. George’s.

The institution has built a solid reputation of student’s success and has contributed to the work skills improvement of many persons in Grenada.


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